Concrete Graffiti: "Quotable" quotes for business and life

Normally, building walls inhibits effective business communication. But with your help, I propose erecting a Concrete Graffiti Wall, useful quotes on business and life to help site visitors enhance their marketing, business, and daily communication efforts.

Tom Peters shared in his outstanding book, The Circle of Innovation (page 30), that he has collected more than 30,000 quotations for any and all occasions.  My quotation collection falls far short of Dr. Peters’ … but I share some of my favorites on the Concrete Graffiti Wall and invite you (and all site visitors) to submit your favorite quotations for addition to the collection.

Wouldn’t it be a “hoot” (one of Tom’s favorite descriptors) to give the Tom Peters Quotation Collection (TPQC) a run for its money?

Note to Tom: I am not the only content provider who would welcome the chance to purchase your quote collection.  Why not assemble them as the TPQC eBook and make them available for download from your web site?

Use the email link under the copyright information below to submit quotations to add to our Concrete Graffiti Wall.

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