Phill's Bio

Downloadable Phill Domask Resume (275 KB PDF)
Phill Domask loves to write and tackles marketing and communication project challenges with enthusiasm, intellect, imagination, technical competence, and entrepreneurial drive.

He is curious, listens well, asks good questions, is an accomplished researcher and environmental scanner, and is able to distill what he hears and uncovers into relevant, persuasive content. He excels at identifying patterns within environmental intelligence and is adept at developing effective programs for profiting from emerging opportunities.

Phill is also an experienced and inventive event manager and meeting planner.

He enjoys people, collaboration, tight deadlines, and the organizational challenges of complex initiatives. Phill is at ease in board and conference rooms, at the podium, or on the front lines ... in a suit, or in blue jeans.

His projects radiate spirit, passion, energy, and vitality, helping customers of the Phill Domask Consultancy to earn higher returns from their marketing and business communication investments.

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